Intellectual Well-Being

Intellectual well-being is to explore ideas and experiences that stimulate learning and knowledge application

Tips on Improving Intellectual Well-Being

Here are some tips on improving intellectual well-being:

  • Pursue meaningful activities
  • Write poetry or a journal
  • Reading, making artwork, playing puzzles & games
  • Exploring different hobbies 
  • Finding opportunities to socialize, pursuing stimulating conversations with others
  • Exercising, and finding excitement in pursuing new knowledge
  • Limit television & computer time at home 

Source: Promoting Intellectual Wellness over the Lifespan by Hanna Rodriguez

Explore Further

According to American Counseling Association, adults who are regularly challenged to use their creativity and problem-solving skills as they engage in meaningful work and other activities may have the benefit of reducing the risk of cognitive decline as they age. Additionally, intellectual wellness may be improved by effective stress-management skills and emotional coping skills. 

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The Columbia community provides a lot of activities to stimulate your brain by allowing you to experience something exciting.

Columbia Technology Ventures (CTV)

CTV provides opportunities for Columbia Inventors to submit their invention and explore any information on commercialization and entrepreneurial resources. 

Arts at Columbia

Arts at Columbia offers performances, events, galleries, libraries and other resources for you to experience a variety of arts programs.

Community Impact at Columbia University 

Community Impact provides meaningful volunteering and leadership opportunities in the surrounding communities for students at Columbia University and Barnard College.

Physical Education and Recreation at The Dodge Fitness Center

The Physical Education & Recreation Program of Columbia University provides educational, recreational and wellness related programs at The Dodge Fitness center.

Online Yoga Classes

SEAS Masters and PhD students can access series of yoga classes taught by registered yoga instructor, Autumn Rauchwerk

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