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Resources at Columbia

Besides the Office of Graduate Student Affairs, there are various other resources and services at Columbia that are dedicated to your health and well-being. Please familiarize yourself with the following!

Columbia Health

Columbia Health has a wide variety of services and resources that are available to support you. All students that pay the Columbia Health fee may use the following services:

Alice! ensures the accessibility, accuracy, utilization, efficiency, and sustainability of health promotion initiatives. They also address health issues on campus, and conduct research on health in higher education. Some of their services include birth control education, sleep assessments, stress coping mechanisms, and various other workshops and trainings.

Visit the Alice! website to learn more.

CPS supports the psychological and emotional well-being of the Columbia community. They offer drop-in counseling as well as individual counseling, couples counseling, and psychiatric medication management via appointment.

During the academic year, you can visit 530 Mudd for Walk-In Hours. A counselor will be there on Tuesdays, from 11am-1pm, as well as Thursdays, from 2pm-4pm.

Visit the CPS website to learn more.

There is a 24/7 hotline managed by Counseling and Psychological Services. Please call 212-854-2878 if you have an urgent mental health concern.

In an emergency, please contact 911, Public Safety (212-854-5555), or Mount Sinai St. Luke's Hospital (212-523-3347).

Disability Services facilitates equal access for students with disabilities by coordinating accommodations and support services.

The primary SEAS Disability Services liaison is Asha De Costa ([email protected]).

Visit the Disability Services website to learn more.

GHAP welcomes students of all gender identities and orientations, and is especially committed to LGBTQ students. They offer peer support on sex, sexuality, identity and relationships, as well as consultations on HIV testing and treatment.

Visit the GHAP website to learn more.

Medical Services offers routine and urgent medical care, travel medicine, immunizations, sexual and reproductive health services, LGBTQ health care, and confidential HIV testing. If you are enrolled in the Columbia Student Health Insurance Plan, your primary care provider is Columbia Health Medical Services. Schedule an appointment for primary care services.

Columbia Health Medical Services is located in the 4th floor of John Jay Hall.

Visit the Medical Services website to learn more.

SVR provides trauma-informed, confidential support through crisis counseling/intervention, advocacy, prevention, and outreach focused on interpersonal violence and harassment. Their mission is to eradicate all forms of gender-based violence. Through collective community action, SVR is committed to social change and creating a culture of accountability.

24/7 support is available 365 days a year via the SVR Helpline: 212-854-HELP (4357)

Visit the SVR website to learn more.

Ombuds Office

Whether you are a student, faculty member, staff, or member of the alumni, the Ombuds Office offers a confidential place to discuss workplace issues, academic concerns, issues relating to administrative paperwork and process, explanation and interpretation of policies and procedures, and many other issues or concerns.

Learn more about the Ombuds Office.


Nightline is an anonymous peer listening service that is available from 10pm-3am during the academic year. Students can call Nightline to talk about anything on their mind- no problem is too big or too small. Nightline can be reached at 212-854-7777.

Learn more about Nightline.

Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action (EOAA)

Columbia University is committed to providing a learning, living, and working environment free from unlawful discrimination and harassment and to fostering a nurturing and vibrant community founded upon the fundamental dignity and worth of all of its members. EOAA procedures will be used to investigate and respond to allegations that an employee (faculty or staff) or third party has violated the Columbia University Employee Policies and Procedures on Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence and Stalking.

If you would like to report an incident of discrimination, harassment, or any violation of EOAA policy or procedure, please use this form.

Learn more about EOAA.

Sexual Respect & Gender-Based Misconduct

Columbia University is committed to fostering an environment that is free from gender-based discrimination and harassment, including sexual assault and all other forms of gender-based misconduct. 
The Gender-Based Misconduct Policy for Students is one part of the University’s multifaceted approach to eliminate gender-based misconduct from our community, which also includes educational programs; services and resources for those affected by gender-based misconduct; accessible, prompt, and fair methods of investigation and resolution of reports of misconduct; and protections designed to prevent against recurrence. 

If you would like to report an incident of gender-based misconduct, please use this form.

Learn more about Sexual Respect at Columbia.

Office of the University Chaplain

The Office of the University Chaplain designs and sponsors a variety of programs on matters of justice, faith and spirituality for small and large campus groups. The Office of the University Chaplain fosters learning and personal growth through spiritual, ethical, religious, political and cultural exchange.

Learn more about the Office of the University Chaplain.