Columbia-Wide Resources

Columbia-Wide Resources

Public Safety 212-854-5555 (call answered 24/7)

Public Safety is available 24/7 to respond to any safety-related issues on campus.

Columbia Health

Columbia Health offers wide range of health and heath education programs and services. 

For information on Emergency and 24/7 support, visit the Columbia Health Emergency page.

Columbia Ombuds Office

The University Ombuds Office is an independent, neutral third party who assists students, faculty, staff, and administrations in receiving problems, concerns and complaints confidentially through informal means: counseling, negotiation, and mediation.

Nightline Peer Listening

Nightline Peer Listening is an anonymous peer listening service run by undergraduate students who are trained and certified. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, Nightline is moving to a different phone number and adjusting its hours. Please check the Nightline website.

Office of Religious Life

The Office of Religious Life welcomes people of all faiths, spiritualities, and offers weekly services, programs and community events. You may contact them for support.